Fur News




Name: Justice

How long you been about Fur: Like 8 or 9 weeks! I love it.

Where’d you come from: From Sydney, a salon called Prema.

Where you at: Fully qualified, been hairdressing nearly 8 years.

What drew you to hairdressing: I was always telling my mum I want to be one, mum always said “no no”… and then she finally accepted it and I then had to start doing her hair colour ;)

Favourite hairdo’s to do: I love working with manic panic colours – crazy hair colour range that’s been around since the 70’s. It was developed by Blondie’s backup singers.

Last thing you listened to on your iPod: last thing I listened to was a kind of deep house track, but I listen to a lot of Trap and I like Azealia Banks.

What’s doing after work: learning the dance moves for the FUR video we have to do, ha.