Fur News




Name: Sarah nickname “Seckie”

How long you been about Fur: Just over 12months

Where’d you come from: Rokk Ebony, grew up in Melbourne – the western suburbs…slowly progressed into the city.

Where you at: I’m a 3rd year apprentice – in my last 6 months, focusing on perfecting my cutting.

Favourite do’s to do: I really like doing hair-ups, braiding, I got into hairdressing via a makeup course which involved doing a lot of hair ups and I really enjoyed that component of it.

Last big shopping purchase: Bright pink and brown Nike Hirachi reissues.

What’s doing after work: Probably go home and garden.

What do you listen to when you garden: well nothing whilst im gardening. But when I’m cooking the food I grew in my garden… I’ve listen to Banks, Twigs….